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September 3, 2014


Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
Radio One
Interviewed by Sandy Harsch
Airdate December, 2011

01  Intro
02  History
03  Getting a contract & playing for Chet Atkins
04  Hell Among The Yearlings
05  Unrecorded Songs and Wichita
06  Live Albums
07  Intro to Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor
08  Make Me Down A Pallet On Your Floor (Live in Studio)
09  On recording a new album
10  Touring, airplanes, driving on tour, & sequencing The Harrow & The Harvest
11  Talking about Six White Horses
12  Outro

This is a bit of a grab bag, in so far, as it is a compilation of two or maybe three interviews that Sandy Harsch did spanning the 90's and 2000's where the lines are not made clear on broadcast. Anyway, very enjoyable, and of course, much thanks to Sandy for giving it to us all. Enjoy.

Any and all official album recordings aired during this program have been cut out.

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Stream the entire segment here.