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September 30, 2014

1994 - Summer Interview

Gillian Welch
Interviewed by Peter Zimmerman
Nashville, TN
Circa July or August, 1994

46 minutes

01  Intro
02  Early History, Berklee School of Music
03  Nashville Impressions
04  Gender, and Musical Genres
05  Singing and playing with David Rawlings
06  Playing in Nashville, Open-Mic Nights
07  Interest from Publishers, Staff Writing
08  Signing a Publishing Deal
09  Writing Songs
10  Making it in Nashville, Working a Straight Job
11  On Having an Accent
12  Subject Matter and Themes
13  Cars
14  Where to Live Near Nashville
15  Being Recorded by Other Artists

This is a wonderful audio interview with Gillian from probably either July or August of 1994.  Recorded in a restaurant in Nashville called Vandyland, it is one of the earliest interviews with Gillian that I have run across. Two years before Revival was released in 1996.

The interview was conducted by Peter Zimmerman for inclusion in his book, Tennessee Music: Its People and Places.  Please consider buying a copy of this interesting book in thanks of this amazing gift.
Mr. Zimmerman also wrote another book called, Podunk: Ramblin' to America's Small Places In a Dilapidated Delta 88.

He has been kind enough to share the original masters of the audio with me.  As this was recorded at a breakfast restaurant, the audio was extremely hard to make out in some spots, due to room noise.  I have done some slight remastering of the audio to bring down the room tone and background noise, and bring Gillian's voice forward in the mix.  I believe this is a significant improvement. It is still a little hard to hear Mr. Zimmerman's questions sometimes, but if you listen carefully, you can hear everything, and catch a very young Gillian Welch discussing her early career.  Enjoy!

I have tracked the interview out into 15 tracks for the downloadable version, or you can stream the entire 46 minute version below.

MP3 V0

Stream the entire 46 minute interview here:

I am providing a FLAC copy of this, along with the MP3. I do not believe that the FLAC will sound any better on most systems. I provide it here for archival purposes only.