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June 21, 2014


Dave Rawlings Machine
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride, CO
June 20th, 2014

01  Monkey & The Engineer
02  Hot Corn, Cold Corn
03  Keep It Clean
04  Wayside-Back In Time
05  To Be Young
06  Bells of Harlem
07  It's Too Easy
08  Ruby
09  He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
10  Sweet Tooth
11  I Hear Them All-This Land Is Your Land
12  Midnight Special
13  Method Acting/Cortez The Killer
14  Queen Jane Approximately
15  Going To California (beginning cut)

Dave Rawlings
Gillian Welch
Willie Watson
Paul Kowert
John Paul Jones

MP3 V0


This was ripped straight from the official Telluride Fest web stream.  As such, there is no significant difference between the FLAC and V0 in terms of quality at all.  The FLAC is, quite frankly, pointless.  It is presented here only for archival purposes.

Big huge thanks to the original ripper...DiGiHoArDeRs