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December 31, 2011

Sofa & The Loveseats

Sofa & The Love Seats
OT Price's Music Hall
Santa Cruz, CA
Circa 1986-90

Gillian was in a band in college.  She played bass under a pseudonym.

You can visit Sofa on MySpace and stream all these tracks for free HERE.

01  Feel Like Making Love (Live at O.T. Price's Music Hall)
02  Robo (Live at Bargain Barn)
03  Heartbeat It's A Lovebeat
04  I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Live at Sluggos Pizza)
05  Traffic in My Mind (Live at O.T. Price's Music Hall)
06  Viva Knieval

Randy van Sofa - Vocals
Ellis van Sofa - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Oprah van Sofa - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Johnny van Sofa - Drums/Vocals
J.J. van Sofa - Vocals

MP3 V0  19mb
This recording would probably fall into the "collectors only" category.

Track 1 - The only song that I can hear a back-up singer that kinda maybe could be Oprah van Sofa.
Track 6 - Possibly a "studio" recording?  This was also labeled "Redheads in Heat."  I have no info on this track's history.